This year has been filled with many challenges due to the outbreak of Covid-19. People around the world have made changes to the way they live their lives – adding in safety precautions in order to slow the spread of the disease. There is one precaution in particular that has become increasingly popular: wearing masks to cover your mouth and nose when in public.

As the months have passed, however, dentists are becoming privy to the side effects of having a mask over your mouth for extended periods of time.  Bumgardner Family Dental wants you to be informed about this problem and provides you with ways to prevent it so that you can continue to wear your mask and protect yourself and your neighbor from Covid-19.

What is Mask Mouth?

Mask mouth is a new term that dentists are using to group the problems arising from extended mask wear, including an increase in cavities and the unfortunate occurrence of bad breath.

Where oral health is concerned, saliva plays a big part in keeping your teeth and gums in top condition. By keeping your mouth covered with a mask for long periods of time, dryness and lack of saliva production become a problem. When our mouths lack the proper amount of saliva, we are more prone to forming cavities in our teeth, suffering from tooth decay, and having bad breath.

These issues can lead to serious problems when left untreated, and unfortunately, this is a trend that is being seen by dentists across the nation. Many people are avoiding dental appointments due to a fear of being exposed to Covid-19. Here at Bumgardner Family Dental, we make it our number one priority to keep you safe while in our care so that you can attend your regular dental checkups without fear.

How Can You Prevent Mask Mouth?

As Covid-19 continues to be a danger to our health, mask wearing will remain necessary in daily life. The team at Bumgardner Family Dental have suggestions to help you and your loved one avoid the effects of mask mouth while continuing to wear your mask and stay safe.

  1. Drink Plenty of Water – By staying hydrated, you are less likely to suffer from dry mouth. Make sure you always carry a bottle of water with you to sip from throughout the day.
  2. Chew Sugar-Free Gum – Chewing gum that is sugar-free helps to increase the saliva production in your mouth. Keep a pack of sugar-free gum at your work and home so that you can quickly grab a piece if you feel your mouth starting to dry out.
  3. Maintain a Regular Toothbrushing and Flossing Schedule – As always, brushing your teeth and flossing morning and night will lead to better dental hygiene. Sticking to this regular schedule will help fight off the effects of mask mouth.

When it is safe to do so, we also suggest that you take breaks from wearing your mask. This will allow your mouth a chance to naturally produce saliva therefore reducing your chances of experiencing the effects of mask mouth.

Bumgardner Family Dental Wants You to Remain Safe

Mask mouth can affect individuals of every age, ranging from children to the elderly. We want you to know that, at Bumgardner Family Dental, you are in safe hands. We provide dental services for the whole family, and our mission is to help you create the smile of a lifetime.

If you or someone you know is experiencing the symptoms of mask mouth, contact us today at (337) 896-3062.