The Importance of Dental Insurance

When choosing a dental insurance plan that best suits you and your family, it is important to determine which plans you are eligible for in order to participate in the benefits offered. Dental visits without dental insurance or a healthcare plan can be considerably expensive. Dental insurance plans are benefit plans that help offset the costs of dental care. Bumgardner Family Dental accepts most major dental insurance plans offered throughout Louisiana. Also, we now accept Medicaid for our patients that are 21 years old and under. However, if you do not qualify for Medicaid, there are many individual insurance options to choose from that can aid in mitigating the cost of dental visits for you and your family. So how do you know which dental insurance plan provides the proper coverage you are looking for?

Know the Your Insurance Carrier

When navigating the dental insurance marketplace, it is important to know that most dental insurance plans could be more accurately described as benefit plans. Each insurance carrier and each plan they offer can be vastly different in terms of the benefits offered. Some things that are important to look for are: the percentage of cost covered for different services, yearly deductibles, and yearly maximums. Most dental insurance plans are designed to cover a higher percentage of the cost for preventive services (i.e. exams, x-rays, and cleanings), and a lower percentage of the cost for basic and major services. Deductibles are a specified amount of money the insured person must pay before the insurance plan will pay a claim. Most dental insurance deductibles are between $50-100 and are a yearly cost. Yearly maximums are the limit that an insurance plan will pay per year. For most dental insurance plans that number is typically between $1000-2000 but can vary greatly. It is also important to determine if the insurance plan allows you to see in-network and out of network providers. We believe the patient should get to choose their dentist and not the insurance company.

Are You Covered?

Dental insurance plans are an important tool in offsetting the cost of dental care. Prevention (i.e. checkups and cleanings) is the best way to lower the cost of dental care, and dental insurance plans typically cover most, and in some cases, all the cost for preventive services.  Additionally, you never know when a dental emergency will occur, and in emergency dental situations, your insurance plan will help offset those unexpected costs. We are proud to be partnered with many credible insurance providers. It is crucial to us that you and your family receive only the best care. If you have any questions about which insurance carriers we accept or are considering a new plan and need help understanding the benefits offered, our staff will gladly assist you every step of the way.

About Bumgardner Family Dental

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